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Fall 2019:  Sketch Explorations Continues in the Middle School

(excerpted from the Hoonah City Schools Newsletter)

The Sketch Explorations segment of the Creative Writing/Art Elective began with landscape drawing. In the first week, students learned to see vistas in terms of shapes. We spent much of the second week on field trips, sketching scenery while sprawled across the grass fringes of back roads and later the beach at Long Island.


Phases 2 and 3 of Sketch Explorations focused on developing skills to produce final projects. In Phase 2, we used color pencil to create a sense of three dimensions and Phase 3 introduced collage to do the same. Color pencils are an easy way to control color while showing light and shadow; collage allows the artist to create a 3-D image using tiny pieces of other images. By the end of the course, all the students had created a color pencil illustration of a fruit or vegetable as well as a landscape or Alaskan fish or flower illustration in collage or watercolor pencil.


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