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Discovery by SketchMagnetic Cedar Strip Hangers 

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How to assemble the Magnetic Cedar Strip Hanger*

1. Use the included ribbon or any interesting-looking string. If you use your own string, make sure it will not bleed its color onto the strip or print. If you choose to shorten the ribbon, burn the end with a lighter so that it will not fray.

2. Tie an overhand knot into both ends of the string. You may wish to double up the knots to make them bulkier.

3. Separate one pair of strips. Place the top of the print over the bottom half. Then place the second half onto the print. The magnets may pull strongly, causing the top half to snap into place.

4. Repeat this with the second pair, placing this set on the bottom of the print.

5. At the top of the print, slide one end of the ribbon between the back of the print and the bottom half of the top strip. Make sure that the ribbon is on the outside of the magnet. This will prevent the knotted string from sliding towards the middle.

6. Repeat this with the other end of the ribbon on the far side of the print.

*I build these hangers in Hoonah in collaboration with Ian Johnson of Custom Wild: Printing and Framing (
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