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Discovery by Sketch

Stephanie Harold

Alaskan Visual Stories and Nature Illustration

  • Instagram @discoverybysketch
Woman sketches in the rain under an umbrella by Six Moons Designs

I am a Southeast Alaskan sketch artist working largely in wild places to create evocative visual stories about nature, science, and culture. That means that I’m often outside: getting wet despite my umbrella, trying to keep my paper from blowing away, hoping that my watercolor dries enough before the next dark squall hits.

I live in the tiny community of Hoonah on a huge wilderness island. This is the traditional territory of the Huna Tlingit, a place where massive brown bears outnumber people.

Although you can find me on Instagram (@discoverybysketch), I prefer to turn off my phone and travel in a cell-free universe, losing myself in colors, shapes, and textures.

My artistic goal is bring impressions of the planet's largest temperate rainforest into everyday living rooms. My art practice is the gift of a severe injury that, for a while, prevented me from being in the wilderness or even trekking through urban spaces. My work explores all levels of an environment, from toe-level to the full scene. I want to capture what the camera cannot, the emotional response and sense of wonder that comes from fully experiencing specific moments in a location.

I bring my science-inspired style of observational sketching to the human-populated worlds as well. When traveling or exploring urban areas, informative text becomes part of the imagery and story. 

At Hoonah City Schools, I teach observational art skills as a way to explore our unique environment.

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