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Stephanie Harold

Artist, Educator, Writer

Alaska Certified Teacher



Cover image for On Life: Cells, Genes, and the Evolution of Complexity (University of Oxford Press, 2021)


Illustrations for reports and presentations, Olive-sided Flycatcher long-term study, Catherine Pohl Biological Consulting

Cards/prints for sale: Fishbone Gifts, Hoonah Treasures, Lisa's Art Shop (Hoonah, AK); Juneau Public Market, Davis Gallery (Juneau, AK)


Motif designs for miniature canoe paddles for local businesses, Hoonah Indian Association, June 2020


Cover image for annual Journey to Homeland publication, Hoonah City School District, Fall 2019.

Professional Experience

ART/SCIENCE INTEGRATION INSTRUCTOR, Gr. 2–12, Hoonah City School District (2017 to present)

Developed students' observational sketching and visual thinking skills. Encouraged curiosity and creativity via questioning strategies and thinking by analogy.

Taught students to create dry and wet media images in both the classroom and the field. Emphasized the role of art and creative thinking as a way of learning deeply about Southeast Alaska’s environment and any other subject matter. Incorporated page design principles for effective verbal and visual communication, as well as relevant art history and a variety of art elements and principles. Guided students to improve their “muscle memory” for effectively using art tools. Incorporated math concepts and applied the Cross-Cutting Concepts and relevant Disciplinary Core Ideas from the Alaska Science Standards to local natural history exploration. Collaborated with Tlingit language teachers to include Tlingit terms as handlettering. Structured regular practice of self-focusing techniques.

Special Projects: Co-taught a 4th grade unit on salmon habitat, using observational sketching and landscape painting to document student learnings. Enriched 6th and 9th grade science classes with observational sketching strategies in preparation for microscope-based lab activities. Collaborated with science and creative writing teachers to have middle schoolers produce a local plant guide illustrated in a scientific style in pen and ink. Designed and implemented a "sketching to learn" approach for 4th and 5th graders focusing on indigenous plants, plant biology, and local birds, partnering with the First Bloom/First Plume program at Glacier Bay National Park. In grades 2 and 3, developed students' pencil and pen control while learning about marine life. Hosted an After School Art Club for students to pursue individual projects. Volunteer coordinator of the Hoonah Community Sketchers, an adult sketch explorations group.

VOLUNTEER FIELD ASSISTANT, Olive-sided Flycatcher Study, Chichagof Island, AK (2016 to present)

Assisted Catherine Pohl Biological Consulting with all aspects of observing, netting, and banding Olive-sided Flycatchers in a long-term study. Created on-location illustrations of the birds, their habitat, and the study process.

ENGLISH TEACHER, Gr. 6-12, Hoonah City School District, Hoonah, AK (1992 to 2016)

Pilot teacher and revisions co-author for Journey to Homeland curriculum, a collaboration between Hoonah City School District and Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve to teach local cultural history in a rigorous academic format for Language Arts and/or Alaska Studies courses. Draft completed Fall 2018, publication pending.

Taught writing students to think “like writers”. Used a workshop structure to guide students to meet individualized goals, self-evaluate content, improve editing, and collaborate with peers. Instruction informed by my own writing strategies, including use of technology. Hosted weeklong workshop for students with Ernestine Hayes, University of Alaska Southeast creative writing professor. Developed standards-based grading structures and frequent publication opportunities to encourage high quality work (including students’ personal anthologies, the school newsletter, the literary magazine, two tourist brochures, and a compilation of professionally printed community biographies.)

Nominated for BP Teacher of the Year, January 2014. Increased student enjoyment and success reading challenging texts. Established a culminating research-based public speaking project for all Hoonah High School graduates. Ensured students’ college and career readiness. Developed year-long detailed curriculum plans for 9–12 Language Arts using new Alaska State Standards standards. Integrated STEM Cross-Curricular Research Projects for FIRST Lego League team.

Taught a variety of other high school and middle school courses, integrating Language Arts skills and local culture into Alaska Studies, U.S. History, World Cultures, Government, Spanish, Art, and Braves Press (yearbook/school newspaper).

Developed sea kayaking program in nearby Glacier Bay National Park, fostering students’ personal growth, outdoor skills, and cultural connection. Co-led with park service anthropologists (“Parks as Classrooms” program) on trips organized around primary source documents from 18th and 19th century explorers.

CO-COORDINATOR, Hoonah Indian Association Canoe Journey, Hoonah, AK (2016)

Facilitated all preparations for two 40-foot dugout canoes making a three-day voyage. Organized training and all logistics for safe travel (including a major open water crossing) and camping for 20 paddlers (“pullers”). Navigated complex cultural issues surrounding this highly symbolic voyage to re-connect with a traditional homeland. Collaborated with master canoe carver, Hoonah Indian Association personnel, and a plethora of community participants of diverse ages and backgrounds.


SELF-CONTAINED JUNIOR HIGH TEACHER, Chief Ivan Blunka School, New Stuyahok, AK (1991 – 1992)

U.S. PEACE CORPS VOLUNTEER, Iloilo, Philippines (1987–1990)

Community Coordinator and English Teacher Trainer in 4 remote high schools.


Workshops in page design, watercolor technique, lettering, urban sketching, and botanical drawing (2020 to present)


Pictorial Composition with Nathan Fowkes, Schoolism (fall 2020)

Figure Drawing program, Vilppu Academy (winter and fall 2017, fall 2019)

Foundation and Design Program, Computer Graphics Master Academy (2016-17, fall 2017, fall 2018)

Advanced Techniques in Botanical Illustration, Cornell Univ. School of Integr. Plant Science (summer 2017)


Fluent in Spanish

66 credits beyond B.A. in writing, art, Spanish and instructional methods

Alaska Type A Teaching Certificate (exp. May 2026): endorsements in English and Language Arts/Interdisciplinary Humanities Gr. 7–12, Social Studies Gr. 5–12, and Spanish Gr. 7–12

Oregon Teaching Certificate, School of Education, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR (1987)

B.A. Summa cum laude, Anthropology, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR (1985)


Sitka Conservation Society Social Media Takeover (Art and Text). Summer 2022.


Co-author on Journey to Homeland curriculum in collaboration with Glacier Bay National Park. Publication pending.

“Heidi Gets Her Gun.” Alaska Public Radio Network. Aired June 11, 12, 2005.

“Songs of the Ice.” Patagonia catalog. (Summer 2005): p. 46.

“Searching for the Grass River.” ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and the Environment. 12.1 (Winter 2005): p. 159–166.

“Sweet Stikine.” Canoe & Kayak. 32.4 (August 2004): p. 14.


“Trip Back in Time.” Canoe & Kayak. 30.4 (August 2002): p. 11.

“The Cemetery.” Orion: People and Nature. 18.3 (Summer 1999): p. 8–10.

Listed under “Notable Spiritual Writing” in Best Spiritual Writing of 1999 (Harper SanFrancisco).

Poetry published in Arnazella (1999), Spindrift (1998), Explorations (1997).

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