Discovery by Sketch

I am a sketch explorer — an artist, educator, writer, and adventurer based in the tiny Southeast Alaskan town of Hoonah. Working mostly on location, I use brush and pen to discover and document the fascinating environments where I live and travel. My goal is to capture what the camera shutter cannot, giving my audience an intimate experience with my subject. I hope to inspire my viewers to cherish the uniqueness of the places I document. My thinking and process are as important to me as my final image.

I have 25-plus years of classroom teaching experience in art, English, Spanish, and social studies. This has made me realize that learning to draw and paint differs from studying many academic subjects. At Hoonah City Schools, I currently provide art/science integration, teaching observational drawing and other art skills as a way of investigating Southeast Alaska’s ecology.  Drawing, in particular, is a tool subject which helps students develop focus and curiosity while enriching their understanding of science, math, and creative writing. 


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Molly's pic.jpg
Photo by Molly Kemp