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  Sketch-Discovery Projects at Hoonah City Schools

Click on each PICTURE to view the entire project

Middle School Field Guide after Sketch E

Field Guide 

Middle Schoolers 2018-19

Jenna and her plant -- cool plantt.jpg

Corn & Beans
5th grade Botany 2020-22

Cold winter sketching.JPG

Sketch Explorations 

Fall 2020

Will best.JPG

5th grade Botany

Gabe Contreras Hoonah.jpg

Exploring Color and Shape
4th grade 2020-21

Marcy, wing close up __.jpg

Learning About Birds
4th/5th grade Science 2018-19

Field Experience

Glacier Bay National Park


May 2018

Abby leaves.jpg

Sketch Explorations 

Fall 2018


Sketch Explorations 
Fall 2019

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